Equipment List

Quick Circuit Inc. strives to stay competitive by staying abreast of current technologies and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment.



  - Multiline Tech Optline Post Etch Punch System

 Dry Film

  - Colight 1530
  - Colight 1630


  - Kodak Processor

 Wet Process

  - ENIG / Immersion Silver Line
  - Copper plating line
  - Lentronic HASL with Pre-cleaner
 -  DES line


  PHI Vacuum Press and cool press

 Drilling / Routing / Scoring

  - Excellon Mark VI CNC 6 Driller 
  - Air Bearing
  - Hitachi ND 14l18E- 4 spindle
  - Accu-Score V-Score GS150
  - PDA Router


  -  ATMA Soldermask Printer Machine

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