Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Services

We offer prototyping services that can accommodate quick turn circuit board production by using technologically advanced equipment and facilities. Seeing our customers succeed is what drives us to create printed circuit boards of the absolute best quality.

1. Rapid Prototype Offerings and Options

-We will fulfill orders as small as one board

-We have standard inventories of materials

-We will get back to you with a quote within 2 hours

-You can choose between 3-, 5-, or 7-day deliveries

-We provide board finishes such as ENIG and HASL

-We offer the following board types: FR-4 Multi-layer, FR-4

Rigid, Flex Circuit, Rigid Flex, Polyimide, Microwave, and Hybrids

-Our materials are all lead free and 100% ROHS compliant

Faster Time To Market

Our 24-hour prototype service offers our clients the benefit getting the completed product to market before their competitors!

2. Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

  •  Testing

    • Mania Testing
  •  AOI

    • Multiline Tech Optline Post Etch Punch System
  •  Dry Film

    • Colight 1530
    • Colight 1630
  •  Photo

    • Kodak Processor
  •  Wet Process

    • ENIG / Immersion Silver Line
    • Copper plating line
    • Lentronic HASL with Pre-cleaner
    • Oxide line
    • DES line
  •  Multilayer

    • PHI Vacuum Press and cool press
  •  Drilling / Routing / Scoring

    • Excellon Mark VI CNC 6 Driller / Router Air Bearing
    • Air Bearing
    • Hitachi ND 150 - 4 spindle
    • Accu-Score V-Score GS150
    • PDA Router
  •  Soldermask

    • DP10 Soldermask Printer

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